What is SLiC?

SLiC is a live streaming app.
You create a challenge and tell us what you want to watch.
They will accept your challenge and do it live.

Why do I want to use it?

When you accept a challenge and go live, viewers can throw you coins.
You can accumulate your coins and cash out to earn money.

If your challenge is accepted and the challenger earned coins,
you can also get 5% of total coins every time.

I don't want to accept a challenge, I just want to live stream.

Sure, you can always go live by tapping the camera icon in the navigation bar.
Here is how.

Once you see enough viewers, you go ahead and start streaming.

How do I use the bubble caption?

OK, let's say you are sitting in a cafe and find two bald guys talking seriously.
You type "You are so bald..." in the bubble caption.
Then you start streaming and tap the screen. The caption shows up like this,

You can insert captions, photos and GIFs in the live image.
How you use them is up to you. Make us laugh!

How do I use the dock?

You can use the dock to store max 5 pics/GIFs.
Once you add them in the dock, just tap them to show on the screen.

You can't change the dock icons while streaming.
To remove a picture or GIF from the doc, just tap and hold it for 2 sec.

How do I buy or cashout my coins?

Just tap the coin icon on your profile page.
You can either buy new coins at App Store or cash out your coins to your Paypal account.